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Why pay for quality software when there are tons of free and open-source programs? From entire operating systems to great games, freeware and open-source software make it possible to do anything you want on your computer without spending one dime on software. You can download and enjoy many of the best of these programs from the software page on this website!

Free & Open Source Software
Office Software

LibreOffice is a full-fledged office suite that includes a powerful word processor, spreadsheet, presentation program, drawing program and more. This is what I use every day!

If all you need is a great word processor with a familiar interface, look no further than Abiword. It has all the expected features, including spell check, but loads quickly and runs fast. A great choice for older computers and netbooks!

Great Design Tools

BlueGriffon is aWYSIWYG web design program with features you’d expect in expensive commercial software. Great for beginners, but also includes tools for those experience in HTML, BlueGriffon is great for all levels of experience.

GIMP is a powerful image manipulation program with features that rival Adobe Photoshop.  This is serious photo editing and image creation software with a steep learning curve that costs absolutely nothing. Professional-grade software!

Serif  Software gives away free versions of their web design, desktop publishing, drawing, photo editing, and movie creation software. You have to register them, but the programs are completely free for personal use. The best deal in free software for the budding designer!

VLC, the VideoLAN media player, is a free cross-platform media player that can play pretty much any multimedia file, as well as DVDs, VCDs, audio Cds, and most streaming protocols. Forget Windows Media Player – VLC beats it flat.

I used to listen to Pandora, but then I found Spotify. Spotify is a music streaming service that lets you search for the music you want, then stream it to your device. Spotify is free for six months, after which it plays ads, but the quality is excellent and the music library is extensive. Well worth checking out!


Audacity is a free multi-track music editor and recorder. This software can help you record your band, create your podcast, edit and convert your music files, and cut, copy, and splice audio files to your heart’s content. Professional-grade recording software at no cost whatsoever!

LightWorks film editor has been used for two decades by Oscar-winning film makers. To celebrate the program’s twenty-year anniversary, the company is giving the software away for free! Unfortunately for Mac and Linux users, it is Windows-only. Get it before the company changes its mind!

ClouD & Web

Do you need access to your files from anywhere? Who doesn’t? Dropbox  gives you 2 GB of data storage for free, and you can sync and share that data from any place with web access. Easy to use and cross-platform. I rely on this every day.

It’s a complicated world. If you want to cut through the chaos, try ChartGirl. This site sums up complicated matters as lean, black-and-white infographics charts  which you can print out as PDFs. A great resource for making the obtuse into the understandable.

Google Chrome is the fastest web browser you can use. That’s the simple truth. It also features built-in support for PDF files and Flash, and offers great security, a tabbed interface, and tons of add-ons and extensions that give you even more functionality. Best of show!

I like GMX mail. It’s a lesser-known web-based e-mail program that runs fast on my computer and my cell phone. Unlimited e-mail storage and attachments up to 50 MB are part of the free service. While not as well known as Google Mail or Ourlook, GMX has features to match them all.


How about a free game from NASA? Moonbase Alpha puts you on a moonbase to pick up the pieces after an accident. Deep, challenging gameplay that makes you think!

Path of Exile is a hack-and-slash RPG with amazing graphics and free gameplay. If you enjoy Diablo-style action RPGs, this one is well worth your time. You have to create an account, but the game is free to play.

The Settlers Online is a great browser-based empire-building game . The graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay is deep. The game has a very active payer community with trading and deal-making a part of the action. Addictive and creative gameplay!

Please Read!!

Remember: never install any of these programs on your home computer without your parents’ permission!

Like many of you, I enjoy computer games. But remember to GET YOUR WORK DONE FIRST! Games can be a great way to reward yourself after completing your schoolwork and chores, but meet your responsibilities first!

Many of these programs can be useful in completing assignments and projects for school. Since Bay District allows the “Bring Your Own Device” policy, installing the office software or multimedia software found on this page can be a great asset.